• Inspire you with the 8 essential stories you need to build your business. You’ll learn how to apply them to your business, you’ll be guaranteed to knock the socks off your customers, colleagues
    and clients!
  • Boost your business and build your profile by unearthing Power Stories you didn’t even know you had.
  • Help you to connect authentically with people and seal the deal through the awesome power of storytelling.
  • Reveal the very best places to broadcast your stories on both traditional and social media platforms.
  • Show you how to add impact to your stories without resorting to car chases or explosions.

Entrepreneurs, intrapreneurs, game-changers or candlestick-makers. Power Stories is THE essential companion for anyone wanting to build an epic business, recharge their personal brand and take a big yellow sledgehammer to their marketing.

When you start to tell the right stories, incredible things start to happen!


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